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5 Simple Tips to Furnish Your First Home

Owning a house is a liberating milestone. It is a fresh start to a new chapter. The next step is to furnish the empty property into an inviting home. The process is exciting and stressful at the same time. But it is easier than you think. Choose the theme first: classical, bohemian, countryside, contemporary or minimalist. This makes it easy to plan the budget and set priorities. Make sure your checklist is budget-friendly.

Below are few tips to start the home décor project. Practical plans, realistic ideas and careful execution are the keys to a well-done home. It also saves time and money. Read on.

1.    Manage your Finances

It is a good idea to get a personal loan beforehand. The best bank offers interest rates as low as 10.49%. The process is completely digital and hassle-free. You can borrow up to 40 lakhs depending on your needs. Use the money for:

  • Buying stylish furniture
  • Installing durable flooring
  • Painting windows and doors
  • Getting kitchen/bath cabinets and countertops

The bank usually does not monitor how you spend the loan. Customers are free to make the most of the funds to ease their immediate financial needs.

2.    Avoid Buying All at Once

This would be a huge cost at one go. You can end up exhausting a big chunk of the personal loan for home renovation in split seconds. Instead, try to set logical goals first. For example, avoid splurging on a lounge set for your terrace. This is because how you feel you are going to use the space is different from how you live. Stay in the house for a month and then figure the meaningful stuff required. This can help you set up a home that is more liveable with staple pieces than fancy with luxuries items.

3.    Add Lots of Plants

Don’t forget to bring your old plant pots. Get a fresh set as well. It is an excellent way to:

  • Spruce up the living area, bedrooms and patio.
  • Create a welcoming aura and
  • Purify the air while filling up awkwardly empty spaces

Use your loan for home renovation to get hold of aloe vera, peace lily, spider plant, pothos, ferns and philodendron green. You can also get new pots and beds before moving.

4.    Use the Existing Items

You might already have lots of family heirlooms, paintings, flower vases and rugs. Check which ones would be a meaningful fit for the home’s aesthetics. Pick and put up things that go well with the wall colour and overall décor. Now you can browse similar stuff online and fill the rest of the house. This is a good way to ensure a fair mix of ‘nostalgia’ and ‘new’ in your home. You also save quite a lot of money by reducing the purchases.

5.    Take Some Help

Financial help through personal loans alone is not sufficient. Do ask neighbours or friends to come along. This way you can manage the home-furnishing process better. Unloading, unpacking, setting up or hanging stuff becomes a lot easier. It is also a good way to let them pick from the items that you will no longer require.

Apply for a personal loan online with a trusted lender. Having the right monetary ensures a dream makeover without having to break the bank.