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5 Types of Spill Containment Solutions to curb Industrial Spills 

Industrial spills not only have the potential to cause environmental damage but they can also harm the workers and employees of the factories if not contained properly. Although the latest technologies enable the industrialists to eliminate such cases, they do happen inevitably. In an industrial setting, common causes of fluid leaks include hydraulic leaks, fuel leaks or spills, over-servicing of reservoirs, and during component replacement. To avoid collateral damages in these cases, industrialists must use certain spill containment solutions that are available in the market. The industries who put utmost consideration in developing their Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) are less likely to fall in any sort of trouble that is caused by industrial spills. 

Every company’s SOP must have the key component of spill containment materials which offer proven solutions. The major 5 types of spill containment solutions for curbing industrial spills include the following items:

Spill Containment Berms 

One of the best and most viable spill containment solutions, these berms are designed perfectly to serve its cause. These berms can be used for a range of applications including chemical totes and containers, pallets loaded with drums, heavy-duty industrial machineries and vehicles etc. They do not occupy much space and serve best when equipped with ground and track berm guards which increase their longevity and life. Their multifunctional feature makes them one of the most preferable picks by the industrialists and factory owners. 

Crushed Clay

One of the oldest and most well- known types of spill containment solutions is the crushed clay which is also known as “cat litter”. It is distributed by a number of famous manufacturers who have been popularising it for over five decades now. The selling point of this product is that it is comparatively expensive. However, since it offers one- time service it needs to be used in excessive amounts and disposed of carefully. Overall this product has been serving spill absorption effectively from the consumers’ point of view.

Sorbent Spill Pads 

One of the popular and widely used solutions, the sorbent pads are available in different shapes and sizes. The most common variety of this product is made of polypropylene material. These pads serve the best with certain consistency liquids but should not be used in an open environment as there are chances of it getting blown away however their mobility and convenient usage are the reasons for their high demand in the market. 

Alumina Silicate 

It is an absorbent material which is typically a category of zeolite. It is white in colour and comes in the form of fine granules which offer enough consistency. The product is very lightweight and dusty and can be easily applied with the help of little manpower. One thing to keep in mind while using this spill containment solution is that its dustiness can lead to eye irritation so the users are advised to use proper head gears and gloves while using it. This material easily absorbs humidity therefore, it needs to be replaced at regular intervals so that its effectiveness is kept intact. 

Light-Duty Berms 

Light-duty berms are the modified versions of the regular spill containment berms. These are the smaller and portable alternatives which do not require permanent fixtures. These berms are portable, light-weight and easy to fold and transport so it possesses the quality of easy and convenient storage as well. The consumer-friendly designs and quality of these berms make it one of the major spill containment solutions. 

It is the dusty as well as the necessity of every industrialist to make sure that proper spill containment measures are taken during production so as to avoid the harm which is caused by the unfortunate incidents of industrial spills.