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Different styles of cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trade has been one of the most phenomenal additions into digital trading according to most experts. You might have heard stories about how people got unbelievable returns against small investments on cryptocurrencies.

Despite the amazing returns, a lot of people don’t like to invest in cryptocurrency. According to such people, cryptocurrency trade is extremely volatile and complex. Well they won’t be exactly wrong but there have been introduction of new trade platforms like www.cryptolico.comprovide easy access to the world of cryptocurrency trade. This platform has integrated AI technology that can be used for a better experience. Apart from that this website provides upto 3.6% returns which is clearly a lot better than conventional tools.

The following are some cryptocurrency trading styles-

  • Scalping

Scalping is one of the easier and less risky styles of cryptocurrency trade. Under this style, the investor has to constantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies for small profits, for example; you can buy 1 unit for $750 and then quickly sell it when the rate reaches $755. Although these are all small gains, but you can do these over and over in a single trade day and these small profits do add up quickly, all you need is focus on the market rates.

  • Day Trading

This mode of cryptocurrency trading is similar to scalping but instead of buying and selling in minutes, day trading requires the trader to hold possession for a day and sell it the next day. You will have to keep up with the market and its stats. This style dishes out more profit then scalping and is common among traders.

  • Intra-day trading

This style of trading is a variation of day trading under which a trader is allowed to hold their cryptocurrency for more than 1 or 2 days. As the crypto market is available 24×7, people can hold their cryptocurrencies and sell them whenever they want at a lot higher profit than other methods. This is a bit risky style but the returns compensate that fairly.