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Essential Options for the Perfect Commercial Collection Now

You enthusiastically set up your own project and work hard to satisfy your customers. Everything is going well, until the last step in the business process: your customer has to pay. Suddenly you have to worry about unpaid invoices. Defaulters are a source of frustration and worry, but take control again! Calling in a collection agency for business only has advantages.

Enable collection agency: the business benefits

Calling in a collection agency will definitely benefit your company. Don’t give money worries a chance: entrust your unpaid invoices to a professional. What are the benefits of engaging a collection agency?

Inexpensive A collection agency uses the ‘no cure, no pay’ method.  You can find more information about this payment principle here. If your defaulter does not pay, it will cost you nothing.


A collection specialist knows the tricks of the trade. There is only one way to persuade a defaulter to pay his bill: bombard him daily with telephones, reminders and reminders. This professional discipline requires a lot of time and perseverance. The use of the best commercial collection agency happens to be there now.


It is important to maintain your commercial contacts. You want your customers to pay, but also that they remain customers. Calling in a collection agency happens outside the court, so that your business relationships are optimally maintained.


On average, a file is handled within two months, as soon as a collection agency is involved. Companies are clearly inclined to pay faster if you use coarse resources.


Calling in a collection agency gives you back the time you need to keep your business going. You have energy again to invest in positive relationships with your (other) customers. You get breathing space to guarantee perfect quality.

Public participation

A major advantage of working with a collection agency is that you have a say in the way your customers will be approached. Do you prefer telephone contact or do you prefer written reminders? Do you want a strict or rather commercial approach? Every decision is made in consultation with your chosen collection agency.

Does your company need financial security without affecting your business relationships? Do not hesitate: calling in a collection agency is the solution!

Although in this article we all call it collection agency, there are several parties that can help you in this process. To know:

Collection agency: A sec collection agency can only help you with the collection process. These agencies have no legal status and are therefore not allowed to take legal action.

Bailiff: Most collection agencies also use a bailiff (or the bailiff has a collection agency). A bailiff can take legal action.

Law firm: You can also engage a law firm with a collection agency or a legal advice agency for the collection process. However, they too are legally limited to that route without the help of a bailiff.