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Finer methods For the Education Insurance Now

The education is the place where children and young people spend most of their time, for this reason at the beginning of the education year, the education provides an Education insurances, should something unpleasant happen to your children. Below I will explain how it works and what the education insurance covers.

How does education insurance work?

As with everything, even at education it can happen that your children can get injured, so it is always better to protect the health of the little ones by activating an insurance policy that covers any accidents in the education field. To date, education insurance is compulsory for all educations, as the current law obliges all educations to activate an insurance policy that covers all activities in both public and private institutions.

Compulsory insurance

This type of education insurance is not a policy that completely covers any accidents within the education, in fact it is limited to covering the damage caused by the activities most at risk, i.e. physical education and laboratory activities. This type of insurance is more widespread as these places within institutions are considered the most dangerous in terms of health for your children.

Supplementary insurance

This type of education insurance compared to the mandatory one, covers all the possible accidents that can happen inside the educations, but in this case the education has to stipulate a contract with an insurance, which then will pay the fee in cash in the event of an accident.

What does education insurance cover?

The education insurance that is paid at the beginning of the education year is around ten euros per pupil, and covers both accidents and injuries for students during education hours, and any damage caused to third parties. In addition, some policies should also cover the journey that each student makes to go to education both for the outward journey, and for the return journey, but not all education insurances, however, have this option, this depends precisely on the type of insurance that is stipulated and the same insurance company.

Refund how it works

If, unfortunately, one of your children is injured at education, one of the two parents can request a refund, if he paid the insurance fee at the beginning of the year. It must be requested from the education office, where a form must be filled out, which the secretariat will then send a copy to the insurance company. Once it has been ascertained that the incident occurred within the educational institution, the insurance company will provide the amount of compensation due.

In short, it is always very important, as soon as the education year begins, to start up an education insurance policy, as children and teenagers being inside the education for several hours during the day, always live the risk that they may hurt themselves during educational or sports activities. So paying a paltry sum like ten euros is not all that expensive, if all this is for the health of your children. It is enough to always prevent in life to make sure that everything goes the right way, you should never take anything for granted, because even a small accident that might seem silly can sometimes be more complicated than expected.