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How Employee Recognition &Tangible Rewards Fuels the Sales Team Motivation?

Today, employee engagement, work commitment, and sense of loyalty have changed. The feeling to show up at the workplace, do as you are told, and stay loyal for years has vanished. The employers are responsible to create a gratified workforce offering recognition and rewards. The benefits of employee recognition and rewards are multiple.

Keeps employee engaged

Just showing at the workplace is not sufficient for an employee. He needs to feel valued and collaborated with the team. The key metrics of a successful team are self-fulfillment and a shared feel of determination. 

Complete engagement in a project leads to better performance. Employees who feel connected with the company outperform. When the team member feels proud of the company they represent, it is revealed in their sales activities.

As a business owner, it is essential to create an employee incentive and reward program for motivating the sales team. You can use the Power2Motivation, SaaS platform to set-up and start valuable employee recognition and reward program. Visit power2motivate.com.au to know about how to enhance your business performance via incentive and reward programs.

Recognition & rewards nurture motivation

Rewards tied to a calculable achievement nurtures self-fulfillment. For example, rather than punishing the employee for not meeting the deadline determines a target that aims towards incentives. The employee will automatically feel motivated and appreciated.

Incentives can be in the form of a tour, paid leaves, company-branded gift hampers, etc. It does not necessarily be cash, but gifts that can propel the sales team. It is the recognition that matters because if an employee’s effort is ignored, they feel unimportant, which reflects in their sales activities. 

Reward them with a tangible and psychological reward [praise or positive affirmation]! A tangible award is great, but recognition is the greatest reward. People expect recognition for their extra efforts like positive feedback or constructive feedback. They need to connect with the feel of being needed. It is normal human nature!

Helpful recognition & reward program ideas 

  • Use leaderboard and post the current performance of every sales rep. Those lagging will feel motivated, while high performers will informally combat to brag about their rights. Displaying everyone’s performance can help to capitalize on the competitive spirits of sales representatives.
  • Never reserve appreciation for large achievements. Remember, small ones are also commendable. While praising a sales rep, be specific about the compliment. Just ‘Great work’ is good, but specific compliments reveal that you value him/her as an individual. Thank them for their contribution. Major achievements need public recognition. It increases the extent of acknowledgment and influences others. Emails get lost, but a handwritten letter for good work gets treasured.
  • Some no-cost or low-cost rewards that will not fluctuate your budget are –
  1. Movie tickets
  2. Prime parking space
  3. Donuts
  4. Transportation cost for 15 days
  5. Gift basket
  6. Paid-leave 
  • Sales reps crave career promotions. Rather than spending funds on special incentives, offer exceptional career development opportunities like a meeting with a top executive or a VP. The sales rep, who is ambitious, will relish this learning opportunity.