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How Much Does Commercial Door Installation Cost?

Beautiful New Doors 

Doors are handy and convenient and whether you are looking for one for your home or business there are many things to take into consideration. What do you need the door to do? How flashy do you want it to look? How much do you have to spend? There are pros and cons to every type of door and every situation the door is needed for. 

What different types of doors are there?

There are three major types of doors; steel, wood and fiberglass. Doors come in all shapes and sizes. There are benefits and cons to all types. Wood doors are beautiful and nostalgic. They have a certain feel and can set the tone in any home. However, they are not very strong when it comes to holding up to the elements and they will eventually crack and rot. Also, wood doors tend to be a little more expensive. Especially if you get wood doors that are made from hard to find beautiful woods. They are also quite a bit more maintenance because they need to be restained annually. Steel doors are the next best option. They are strong and hold up the elements better however they are also pretty. They can be custom built and are perfect for businesses. Doors are used to help lock home and businesses in order to keep your home, family or business safe. It is important to choose a door that can fit all your needs when it comes to safety and reliability.You can not go wrong with the curb appeal and strength of a steel door.

How much do new and custom doors cost?

Doors are such a variable product that the costs can vary widely. The average door runs anywhere from 1500 to 8000 dollars. Steel doors are the least expensive. However, adding things such as decorative glass or handles can increase the cost significantly. Also, customs creating doors can get expensive as well. Well made, reasonably priced doors can also make your home or business more efficient. There is nothing more frustrating than heating or cooling your house and losing half of it to inefficient doors and windows. Replacing your home or business door will increase heating and cooling efficiency and save you money in the long run. Hinges are typically the most expensive part but are the most important when it comes to making your new door last a long time.  

What should you look for when it comes to installers?

You should always check a companies reviews when it comes to hiring someone to instal a new door. Always look for someone with experience and good reviews. Make sure you choose someone who uses high quality parts even if they cost a little more for your commercial door installation. Another major benefit to choose a good company to install and something you should definitely look for is a 24/7 service repair. Doors always break at the worst of times and when it comes to security of your home and business you will definitely want to choose a company who is always available. Door installation is quick and easy. Most of the time lasting a day or less to install. 


In the end, if you are in the market for a new door that meets the needs of creating safety and security as well as being nice and having beautiful curb appeal then the steel door installed by a professional installer is for you. If you are looking to spend 8000 dollars or less for a beautiful door than look no further than a steel door.

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