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Internet of Things solution: A Comprehensive Guide

Not many people are aware of the Internet of Things (IoT). More than that, many business leaders don’t quite know how to implement internet of things solutions. There is a lot of confusion about IoT, with many thinking it’s just one technology or piece of equipment. In reality, there is a wider picture to remember and consider when planning an IoT strategy and implementing an IoT solution.

Build a wealth of home IoT capabilities by learning how to build your very own IoT solution. This guide covers step-by-step tutorials on how to use popular platforms like Node-RED and Arduino to create IoT solutions that fit your needs. It is not just a collection of disparate recipes but a complete framework for designing IoT solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the next phase of industrial adoption and enabling countless new use cases for connected devices. The barriers to entry for building an IoT solution are low, which means anyone can build amazing new products and services. MQTT is a leading protocol used to connect devices to the Cloud or enterprise systems in a secure, scalable, and reliable way.

The Internet of things is the network of items, vehicles, and other devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the next frontiers in computer science. It covers billions of networked devices and trillions of sensors sending information to web-based applications for storage and analysis.

 This book covers solutions for the most common networking protocols used in IoT, such as HTTP, MQTT, and CoAP. It includes a primer on Cloud computing with AWS or Google Cloud Platform. It also teaches you to build an e-commerce platform based on Ethereum smart contracts that use crypto-currency to create a decentralized application (DApp). The Internet of Things is changing everything. It is a key concept that opens up endless opportunities for device integration, data monetization, and much more. M2M stands for Machine-to-Machine. It refers to the ability of devices to communicate with each other—something that will soon be typical in our everyday lives. 

The term M2M was coined in 1999, but recent technological advances have made this technology more accessible. This ebook uses MQTT as a model for an IoT solution. You’ll learn how MQTT is designed and implemented, discover its strengths, weaknesses, and applicability, and understand why it’s the M2M communication protocol of choice today. An introduction and tutorial on the use of Mosquitto and Eero, to set up a small IoT network. This eBook is carefully compiled with specific instructions to help the reader through the whole process quickly and to give them a better understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it in this way.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, sensors, actuators, software, and services that enable these objects to connect and exchange data. This connectivity empowers these objects to better sense and respond to their environments to improve efficiency and usages. The book takes you on a complete journey from setting up the MQTT broker to building and deploying a working application. 

This book is ideal for a C/C++ programmer who is keen to develop applications for MQTT and the Internet of Things. It will take your skills to the next level by teaching you how to implement various features using this protocol. The best part of this book is its step-by-step approach on how to set up an entire Raspberry Pi MQTT broker and node using the provided Python libraries and sockets.

This book is a hands-on guide that shows how to create MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) solutions using the latest hardware and software platforms. The first few chapters lay a solid foundation by explaining the MQTT protocol, allowing you to understand what is behind the magic of what you are going to build with the help of this book. Are you looking for an IoT solution? You have understood the implications of the Internet of Things and are ready to develop a proof of concept? Are you looking for a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to build an end-to-end solution? 

This practical, early-stage guide outlines a complete build-up of a solution using the MQTT protocol. With clear instructions on how to set up each component and what problems can be encountered when implementing cloud-connected devices, this book helps you put together your IoT solution.

In this book, we are going to set up a complete and practical Internet of Things solution. In Chapter 1, you’ll learn just what the term “Internet of Things” means and what its role is in IoT solution architectures. In Chapter 2, you’ll understand the foundations of the MQTT protocol. In Chapter 3, you’ll implement the Mosquitto broker in Raspberry Pi Zero W. In Chapter 4, you’ll simulate sensors and smart devices using the Arduino MKR1000 board.

We will then move on to implementing these sensors and devices using cloud software and web technologies, that is, Chapters 5 and 6. In this chapter, we will develop an effective dashboard that allows us to see data from all connected devices as well as to send commands to them. One of the best resources for practitioners and newcomers alike looking to create an Internet of Things solution using the MQTT protocol. Internet of Things (IoT) is a series of connections of physical objects that contain electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. In this book, we will learn about the most common components of an IoT solution that can meaningfully connect to the cloud. We will learn about some technologies used in its implementation.

Adopted by renowned companies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolutionary buzzword that has already won the attention of businesses worldwide. In this book, we explain everything you need to know about IoT. From where it comes to how it works through to some basic and advanced security measures. We start by explaining what IoT is and how it works, going on to cover various use-cases. We then show you how to deploy your very own IoT network using commercially available hardware followed by an essential and insightful analysis of IoT security using various vulnerabilities identified in various tools.

This book is for software programmers interested in designing cross-platform IoT applications that communicate with multiple IoT platforms. The book presents a complete and practical Internet of Things (IoT) solution based on the MQTT protocol, an advanced publish/subscribe messaging protocol for machine-to-machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IoT) communication. A step-by-step tutorial illustrates the concepts and implementation of IoT application development on the MQTT protocol stack by working through multiple practical examples as well as architectural designs from scratch.

This guide assumes that the reader is familiar with the MQTT protocol, so some background information is included in the first part of this article. However, it also introduces MQTT concepts in a way that those that have no prior knowledge can quickly master them. The article will introduce you to the main MQTT-related tools and APIs and will guide you through some practical examples on how to implement and configure various aspects of an MQTT-based Internet of Things solution.