Capturing voice calls and even WhatsApp call recording are being a requirement for most companies these days. Most especially those enterprises which are offering customer service to their clients who are in need of their help with the services that they are providing. Considering that this is the primary method of monitoring their employees with how they will treat their consumers. And as well as in the case of mistreatment of customers towards their personnel.

And not only the satisfactory regulatory obligations should be met and delivered, but the business or any kind of firms there is must also caught up with its legalization and litigation requirements. It is a priority that each corporation should have because, without the legality, there will be multiple problems that you will face in the future.

Because it is also said in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures in which affirms that all the emails, communications, files, directives, and any forms of the request must be put on legal hold. Since these are the things that are important to organizations to keep their transactions on an authorized record.

Down below is an infographic brought to you by TeleMessage regarding the legal and litigation requirements for recording SMS and capturing voice calls. 

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