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Mortgage Loans for the New Starters

The purchase of a house or apartment is the highest proportion of loans requested by individuals in terms of the number of transactions and the amount of capital granted. For companies, the acquisition of premises and means of production constitutes the bulk of the loans contracted.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of loan types that may have helped borrowers in the success of their project:

Get a loan to become a homeowner. The acquisition of a house for a young family makes it possible to emancipate rent payment very early, a very important expense for the household. As a result, we will discuss the issue of preparing a loan application with a savings plan. In addition, we will have the opportunity to explore real estate investment solutions in the context of optimized real estate investments. With ntc the options come perfectly now.


Young happy couple in front of their new house

Renegotiate a loan to extend its maturity by reducing the monthly payment when an event makes a change to the family budget: birth of a child, loss of employment of the spouse, deletion of premiums, illness, etc. The renegotiation carried out by a credit broker brings a relief to the budget of the household, it can also be asked for in case of fall of rates on the market.

Receiving funding for a project such as the purchase of a solar panel or motorhome allows the senior to spend happy days and later pass on a property to their children.

What do you need to know about the broker business?

The credit broker is a key partner for borrowers. Brokerage requires both personal qualities and professional qualifications necessary for the exercise of the profession. The credit broker must have a listening ability, an analytical mind, a sense of diplomacy and negotiation. He must also and above all have a great sense of relationship. He must be able to establish a relationship of trust, a productive relationship and he must be honest and loyal throughout the exercise of his responsibilities. 

  • The profession of broker is accessible for a holder of Bac + 2 in the sector banking and financial products. A higher degree strengthens the broker’s know-how and strengthens credibility with banks and clients. It should also be noted that the networks of independent brokers solicit competent employees.

Personal contribution is another factor that determines the negotiation of the borrowing rate. It is often said that it is not really mandatory and that there are banks that can provide loans in the absence of a financial contribution. In reality, this contribution will be crucial. Already, he demonstrates to the bank that you have managed to save well. Then, it proves your level of involvement in this project. In principle, this financial contribution will be used to cover the notary fees, the guarantee fees and those of the file. It represents about 10% of the cost of buying the house.