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Paywush.com enters in mobile payment space

Mobile-friendliness is a remarkable trait of PayWush

What would you look for in a payment gateway other than simplicity and user-friendliness? The answer is of course easy accessibility. Clients worldwide are friendlier to handle mobile devices than a computer or laptop. This is because of the ease of use and portability. Naturally, a payment gateway like PayWush has in its innovation process all the technologies required to make their gateway mobile friendly. Just with a few clicks on the mobile, you are able to install the payment gateway on your device and transact with ease. Send money with PayWush to know for yourself the difference.

PayWush and its growth story

Paywush.com is the website to make and receive payments from any part of the world. It is an Indian based company which has been acting as the money exchange platform since 2017. Within this short span of three years, PayWush has been able to expand its clientele to over five million customers. There are more than a thousand business houses that do regular transactions and the last year there had been a total of three million transactions. So the payment gateway is fast developing its client base and has grown with a giant leap of eighty-five percent over the last financial year. Not only that, the exponential rate of growth has attracted a good investment for the company from the United States of America.

The features of PayWush which make it different

The website https://Paywush.com is the most user-friendly and quick and easy for navigation. When one browses the website, one is directed to the ‘get started’ tab which takes the user directly to the log-in forms for the platform. There are a few simple questions that one has to fill up and instantly the account is created within five minutes. The user is all ready to use the account and make payments to or receive payments from any part of the world. PayWush serves all types of customers whether they are freelancers, professionals or the general mass. It works for all with wonders.

The best part of the system is that it does not even require your mobile number. If your mobile is linked to your email-id, that will suffice. In the requisition form, one has to give the e-mail address to open an account and transact easily.

One of the best features of this payment gateway is the high security and safety in dealings. PayWush understands the need of the customer and hence encrypts each dealing and all the personal information with a high encryption system. There is little chance of pilferage of data and hacking. The platform is a one-stop solution for money transfer with ease, speed, safety, and security.  All these are responsible for giving paywush.com the brand value and making it highly preferable for clients of every region. No wonder the platform is spreading its wings overseas for the ease of its use and the convenience it offers to clients.