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Plan a trip to Disneyland, ‘the happiest place on Earth’

If you or your children are loyal Marvel fans, admire Elsa and would love to sing ‘Let It Go’, there is no better place for a vacation than Disneyland Paris. Ensure that you plan the trip well in advance so that you can enjoy what both, Disneyland and Paris have to offer. Take the time to put aside some money and if you are smart about it, make sure your money is earning attractive returns for you instead of sitting idle in your savings account.

How much should you save?

From time to time, Disneyland Paris offers a great deal on a 4-day ticket, where you can enjoy both the parks. Disneyland has around 50 attractions, excluding theme restaurants and different events and shows, the packages for which differ based on activities and additional services you plan to include. For two adults and two children under 11, air travel and tickets would cost around Rs. 3,51,000 (prices checked as of June 30, 2021). Since you would be in Paris, you might be tempted to indulge in shopping and try out exotic French cuisine. Apart from Disneyland, the city also has some popular sites that you might want to visit.

Taking into consideration the above activities, your estimate for a trip to Disneyland Paris could amount to around Rs. 5-6 lakh. How do you save enough to make it happen when the world is back to normal after the Covid pandemic recedes, and all the attractions at Disneyland are in full swing?

How do you save?

Investing in a monthly systematic investment plan (SIP) is a smart way to make sure you turn your family’s Disneyland dream into a reality. There are other options like investing in physical gold and its alternatives, stocks, deposits, and so on. There are various approaches and investment avenues available that could help you to reach your financial goal. The instrument to choose for investments will depend upon how far your dream is. Exploring these options with the help of a financial advisor could help in reducing risk on your investments.

Why do you need to invest for your dream holiday?

Planning such a trip on a short notice and arranging the required funds might be difficult for many. And taking a loan to fulfill your dream of visiting ‘the happiest place on Earth’ might not be a good decision, from a financial prudence point of view. Thus, investing in options like mutual funds, stocks, Deposit etc, gradually could help you fund your dream holiday over a period, saving you the additional burden of repaying loans, be it from an institution or from an individual.