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Six important regulations regarding FASTag that every traveller must know

The introduction of FASTag for toll collection has been one of the many initiatives towards strengthening the Digital India movement. FASTag is an easy to use, prepaid tag that is pasted on the windshield of a vehicle. It makes use of the Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology for the deduction of toll charges. The toll amount is deducted directly from the prepaid account linked to FASTag. The electronic toll payment reduces congestion at toll plazas as vehicles can pass through the toll plaza without stopping for cash transaction.

Since 16th February 2021, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has made it mandatory for all vehicles to have a FASTag. Vehicle owners that do not have a FASTag affixed will be required to pay double the toll amount.

In addition to the above-mentioned mandate, the Government of India has issued some rules and regulations related to FASTag. Some of them are mentioned below:

Government regulations regarding FASTag

  • If you do not have a FASTag and you enter the FASTag lane at the toll plaza, you will have to pay double the toll amount
  • If your FASTag is not working due to low balance or damage to RFID, you will be required to pay twice the toll amount at the toll plaza
  • Most vehicles sold after 2017 are pre-fitted with a FASTag. If you have an older version, you must get a FASTag affixed to your vehicle to avoid any kind of penalty. You can easily apply for FASTag by visiting any Point of Sale (POS) location at the toll plaza. When applying for FASTag, you will be required to submit the FASTag application form along with the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle and your KYC documents. You can submit your driving license for identity and address proof
  • From April 2020, FASTag registration has been made mandatory if you wish to purchase a third-party insurance for your vehicle
  • A single FASTag cannot be for used for multiple vehicles. It is meant only for one vehicle
  • The validity of FASTag would be of 5 years, and hence you don’t have to worry about renewing it frequently

Now that you are aware of the regulations around FASTag usage, let’s proceed to check out some of the major benefits of the same:

Benefits of FASTag

  • FASTag helps in keeping track of toll expenses. You will receive an SMS for every transaction made via FASTag. Additionally, you can also check all your transactions by visiting the FASTag web customer portal
  • As FASTag enables electronic toll payment, you don’t have to worry about carrying cash while driving through a toll plaza
  • You can recharge your FASTag prepaid account digitally and instantly, making payments easier
  • With FASTag, you will be able to pay toll much conveniently and you won’t have to wait in long toll plaza queues
  • Environmental benefits such as reduced air pollution and less use of paper are some of the other advantages of FASTag

Skip long queues and make your travel hassle-free by purchasing a FASTag at the earliest. You can get FASTag online from the bank of your choice right from the comfort of your home.

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