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Smart Services for the Best Rooms for Rent

You are admitted to an establishment in another city for the next school year, but do not know what or how to choose your future accommodation. Discover our five tips for having the right apartment.

Choose the location of the accommodation

The first criterion for choosing a student accommodation is location. It must be located near your university in order to save time and avoid transportation. However, you must also take into account the proximity to shops or other points of interest, especially to move into a city that you do not know.

Students often opt for student residences. And for good reason: they are near campuses, cheaper, already furnished, several types of services (cafeteria, gym, parking, laundry, cleaning service). Most of the time, these buildings offer studios or an apartment with two bedrooms with a kitchenette, a bathroom and toilet.

Check the condition of the accommodation

Never sign a lease without having visited the state of the accommodation. Please note, the photos in the advertisements do not necessarily correspond to reality. Besides, you have the right to request compliance if the housing conditions are not decent.

It is advisable to visit the student accommodation during the weekend or at the end of the day when all the inhabitants of the neighborhood are at home. In this case, you will have an idea of the atmosphere of the place, calm, lively, etc. All these details should be known before signing. When you go for Morton place, then you can find more info  about the rooms.

Roommate idea

Colocation is often awarded by students. In question: the sharing of costs both for food and for the internet or rent. Students who consolidate their files are more likely to convince a lessor. Besides, they may have an opportunity to live in a large house and have more comfort than being in a tight dwelling. In this case, you must choose your roommates well, especially since they will be bound by the rental lease.

Intergenerational colocation is also becoming more and more visible. That is to say, the student can rent a room with an elderly person in exchange for a modest rent and help with daily tasks.

Do not pay money before signing

Before signing a lease, you must avoid paying money either to the owner to reserve his accommodation or to real estate agencies.

You have to be very careful with list sellers who can sometimes sell you a list of accommodation that is no longer available or that does not meet your expectations at all.

Find out about the amount of the housing tax

This housing tax is mandatory if you live in the accommodation on January 1. Please note, it can be very high depending on the city or district where you live. In this case, do not hesitate to ask the neighbor or the former tenant for the amount.For more detailed information on your destination, see how you can enrich your trip planning using apps and the advice of locals.