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Some Colourful Pens That Can Aid in Memorization

Pens are wonderful creations that help in writing and making notes, and there are many other uses for pens like colouring, highlighting, writing, drawing, and others. Many people all over the world, ranging from kids to adults, use pens daily. Despite the fact that the world has become more technologically advanced and that everything is electronic, some people or pen lovers still use pens for writing dairy, letters, notes, or other things. Pens are commonly used by children in their daily school life and hours.

Memorization Pens:

One of the most common colours that children use is blue and black, as they are not allowed to use coloured pens, especially red. A red-coloured pen is something that only teachers use. But, one of the most common questions that people have for students is, which pen colour helps skrh memorization?” Now, this is a very good question. Because whatever we write with any colour pen, we see it visually, and that’s how, through our visual senses, it gets imprinted on our mind. So, it is also important to know which colour pen helps with good memory. After all, different colours of pen will have different effects on our minds and how we look.

How the Red Colour Helps in Memorization

Many times, it happens that we are passing through some shop or road, and there we see a bulletin board or a board on which it is written in dark red: “Discount on Oranges.” Now, out of 100 people, there will be at least 85% who will remember it even after they reach home, and it will stay on their mind for days, or maybe even years. Why? because of the colour red and how it was written in bold. Similarly, while studying, many children have difficulty remembering certain words, statements, or others.

Use Bright Pens:

But now you can solve their problems with remembering by giving them a bunch of good, colourful pens. And, on their rough draft, they can practise using these colourful pens by writing a few words in red. As red is the colour which helps faster in memorization. Then next is green colour. If you are learning Newton’s third law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” then it is suggested that you use green ink to write this theory and that you memorise it soon.

Green and Red Pens: 

The reason is that it is a third law, and green can be used for the number 3, like blue, red, green, or red, blue, green; either way, the colour green is the third. So, this can help your child remember things better, and that’s how you can use the colours for the memorization of different concepts. Black is also one of the most pivotal colours, but black ink is already being used by students for their notes. But to remember important words and their meanings and others use red and green colour pens. Besides that, you can use the pink colour for grammar work, and golden or silver can be used for creative work. But the most important colours are green and red, for faster memorization.