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Ten Tips to Hong Kong Expats: Be Prepared Before Relocation

As an expat when you have lived in both Hong Kong and Singapore, you would have some thoughts about the two high profile cities in the Asia Pacific regions. When you are deciding 

Tip 1: Hong Kong does havea higher density of population than Singapore. Hong Kong is probably one of the most densely populated cities in the whole world.

Tip 2: Hong Kong is the exactgateway to a much larger market in Mainland China where the largest population in the world locates. Singapore on the other hand cannot be compared with this advantage, even though itis situatedsomewhere in the middle of the South East Asian markets. In terms of the markets, China nowadays has much buying power, and that is exactly where many businesses would prefer.

Tip 3: Housing (i.e. properties) and rentals are quite expensive in Hong Kong. Maintaining the use of a family car in HK is also relatively expensive due to the higher tax.

Tip 4: Expats are welcome to relocate and work in Hong Kong, as it has long been an international city in Asia. An expat should first obtain a job offer from a local company in HK, and then he can apply for his HK work visa. He will still have to complete the rest including the submission of the application form to HK Immigration Department, along with all the compulsory documents and information.

Tip 5: The climates in most places in the world are only either hot or cold. Still in HK, you will still have a bit of the all four seasons in a calendar year.

Tip 6: In the city, Hong Kong is well planned, except a few small areas of undeveloped houses. Laws are stringent which ensures the safety of the citizens.

Tip 7: Both Singapore and Hong Kong have international airports that can be used by the world’s largest and busiest airlines. Singapore’s airport is the Changi Airport, and Hong Kong has the HK International Airport in Lantau Island.

Tip 8: In terms of culture, people seem more friendly in Singapore as compared to Hong Kong, when they have to deal with strangers.

Tip 9: The health care facilities would usually cost less Hong Kong (for citizens) when they are compared to those similar ones in Singapore.

Tip 10: Singapore has very diversesociety with various ethnic groups of Chinese, Malays, and Tamils.Expat persons would always have lived well in harmony with the local people.Hong Kong is mainly Chinese who speak with Cantonese Chinese mother tongue, but most of them would have no problem communicating in English.

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