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The Best Surprises with the Affiliate program: The Smooth Solutions

In which networks should your affiliate program run? The one-time setup payment varies depending on which network you choose.

What is the commission?

Of course, the remuneration also plays a role and is determined by you individually. For example, you can decide whether there are fixed commissions or whether these depend on the sales value. Of course, your average sales value and profit margin also play a decisive role. How Much Money Can Your Marketing Affiliates Make So You Still Have A Profitable Business? After all, you want to make money in the end.

Which commission model is used?

There are various commission models in affiliate marketing: With “Pay per Click” (PPC Marketing) , the remuneration is paid for every click on the advertising material, regardless of whether it is ultimately sold or not. This model is suitable, for example, when increased traffic is the primary goal. “Pay per Lead” (PPL Marketing) refers to a commission model in which remuneration is paid for certain user actions. For example, for newsletter subscriptions another option is “Pay per Sale” (PPS Marketing), where the commissions are paid for each purchase. From Sean Abbott  you can find the best options.

Which advertising media are used?

Are the necessary means for advertising (e.g. banner marketing) already ready or do they have to be created first? If advertising material is first produced by an external agency, these costs must of course also be included in your planning.

Set goals

How does effective affiliate marketing work for companies with online marketing?

It is as is so often the case in life, the best effort is of no use if it remains unclear whether the measures taken have paid off. For this reason, it is always worth setting goals. 

The following are suitable here:

First of all, you have to commit to an affiliate marketing strategy. Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve through my affiliate program? For example, this could be the following:

  • Boost the sales of your online shop
  • New customer acquisition and customer growth
  • Get more registered newsletter subscribers
  • Generate more traffic and clicks (e.g. Facebook Leads Ads and qualified leads)
  • More qualified contact requests

Provide the affiliates with sufficient information

You should actively involve your affiliates in online marketing measures and provide them with information. Many affiliates are happy to receive tips that will help you to align your marketing strategy. In the optimal case, only what suits you and your strategy will be communicated. You can support them, for example, by:

  • Current offers
  • bestseller
  • Times of the day when the target group is most active
  • Season times when the product or range can best be sold

Exclusive news also means that contact with special affiliates is better maintained and they are more closely bound to the company in the long term.