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The Crypto Trading Choices for You Now

Before even thinking of living a day of trading, you must learn to master all the fundamentals. And there, no question of going through an intensive learning phase. So that this step is carried out in the best possible conditions, it is necessary to multiply the number of sources of information: books on the subject, free courses on internet, videos, trainings, forums, blogs. With the bybit tutorial you can have the best choices now.

The time you will need to perfect your knowledge will depend mainly on the application you put in it, and the perseverance you will show in times of doubt.

  • And all that is just the beginning of the path. Then you have to train in demo mode.
  • Some will tell you that this step is not necessary, free to you therefore, to try directly in real, but know that it is at your own risk.
  • As soon as you have lost the total of your first investment, you will have to go demo anyway to avoid losing more money.
  • So if you start first there, it will finally save you time.

The first investments:

As you will understand, you will need some time to master all that. Not necessarily like a pro, but you will at least have enough solid foundation to start serious things.

  • At this level, it will already be several months since you are exclusively involved in your learning. According to the people, this can obviously take longer: for lack of availability for example.
  • But once there, the question of first real investments will quickly arise.
  • Your bases will allow you to know by what type of asset you want to start trading in real: currency pairs, stocks, ETFs.
  • Many novices prefer to start with Forex, because most of them have trained in this particular market.
  • But the stock market can also adapt to the first steps in trading. In this case, we must think that schedules are more restrictive, since they depend on marketplaces (unlike Forex which allows trading continuously from Sunday to Friday).
  • The transition from demo to real is probably the most difficult moment to cross.

Here, we must pay particular attention to the control of emotions, in addition to respecting the more “technical” bases that we have learned.


Once again, the time required for this step depends more than ever on each person’s personality and especially their ability to overcome stress and other negative emotions that will not fail to intervene.

Finally live trading

  • To live on trading, you must already become a profitable trader, that is to say: to be able to increase your capital on a regular basis.
  • The next goal will be to generate enough earnings every month to meet all your needs.

Everything will depend on the amount you need to live. To accumulate sufficient profits to live can take more or less time and can thus vary according to whether you will be satisfied (at the beginning), of a SMIC, or if you want to live a “life of castle”.