The Finer Assurances in Self Development Now

You have probably heard more than once about such a profession as a business coach? This profession has appeared relatively recently, and the reason for this is the lack of employees within the company who know absolutely everything about their profession. Business trainers are just designed to train company executives and staff on sales, the external market environment and other economic nuances.

If you want to be called a business coach, then you must have specific skills, outstanding personal qualities and professional skills. These trainers specialize in managerial training. If you want to get to the very top of your company, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to go through numerous courses and trainings to improve skills, as well as learn how to apply all the knowledge and techniques in practice. For the Coach Stockholm service this happens to be a very important matter.

A training manager or is it a business coach?

If you just want to become a business coach, then just “want” is not enough. If you want to become a first-class specialist in your field, you must understand the fundamental difference in these two concepts. Training managers specialize in training line workers who perform business management or production planning tasks.

Business trainers, if you understand this profession in a classic context, teach the skills of managing a team at a deep level. Goal setting alone is not enough; you need to work with the team efficiently, starting from delegation of authority and distribution of work responsibilities and downloading conflict management among top management. The training program must necessarily include an item on business planning and other marketing things. The main line of work of a business coach is to teach managerial functions and business development strategies.

Which is better, theory or practice?

Proponents and opponents of this position fiercely argue about whether a business coach needs practical skills in those things that he teaches. Opponents argue that a normal specialist should have practical skills, since without practice it is impossible to teach anything or give quality advice. The essence is clear: how a business coach can teach people the basics of business, if he never led it. At best, you will have an economic education and that’s it. Therefore, let's figure out how to become a business coach.

Supporters argue that the training is not a master class. Only at the master class can you be given practical recommendations from people who have solid business experience behind them, even if it will be negative. In this case, it makes sense to listen to the recommendations and accept them as a guide to action. Trainings are aimed at provoking a person to search for the correct answers to the questions and tasks posed. The task of a business coach is to pose these very questions, and students should find ways to solve them themselves. To achieve this, you must possess qualities that have nothing to do with practical business activities.