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The Right Kind of Heating Program That You Should Go for

That’s it, you’ve finally arrived at the fateful step, the last step in the choice of your radiator. What are your lifestyle habits? Classic or completely random use of time? Depending on your habits and needs, it is important to choose the programming that suits you best. The answer comes with thermopompe centrale avec chauffage now.

Discover the 4 types of programming possible:

The predefined programs: you choose the program that corresponds to each day of the week.

Do you or your family have a rather classic schedule set up like music paper? Then the predefined programs are for you! It allow you to choose a pre-recorded program for each day of the week.

  • Do you work from home or are you retired?
  • In Week-end?

In short, you are mostly at home during the day. So you need a powerful heating program to ensure your comfort throughout the day.

Do you have regular office hours, or are you a student? From your wake up to your departure to work, but also when you return home, your heating program is ready to ensure your comfort! End the alarm pushed back 5 times before getting up, you will not have the excuse “I stay in bed, warm under my quilt, it’s too cold outside”.

Are you (your partner or your children) used to come back to lunch at home?

Your home must therefore be perfectly heated at the time of the lunch break. This heating program follows your schedule to the letter. But you can also benefit from an optimal comfort 24/24, by opting for the program “permanent comfort” or to save energy your priority thanks to the program “eco permanent”.

  • You and your family have a rather original schedule that is unique to you? No problem, there is free programming.
  • According to your rhythms, according to your needs, plan the appropriate time slots for the whole family!
  • An unplanned lunch at home? You can always regain control of your device and turn on the heater.

Discover our two models

  • Weekend adept and improvised aperitifs?
  • Free as the air, your motto is carpe diem and you have a day-to-day schedule?

No problem, free programming and remote control will make your happiness.

Free programming and remote control will be your best ally! Ideal to take control of your devices by remotely managing the programming, you’re unforeseen events and your absences.

In the excitement and rush of the departure for the holidays, you forgot to adjust your radiators? No problem, go the entire house in absence mode.

Discover the  models

Are you a little up in the air? Or, on the contrary, to think of a thousand and one things at a time? Autonomous programming has been created for you!

No need to worry about your heaters, the radiator does it all alone! You benefit from tailor-made comfort, notably thanks to the detection of absences / presences. If you wish, you can resume, at any time, the hand on the programming.

In addition to maximum heating comfort

Enjoy the comfort of last generation while controlling its energy consumption, nothing is easier. Innovative and economical, our radiators and radiators allow you to save up to 45% on your annual heating consumption.