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UMMC Corporate Social Responsibility: The Secret to Success

Today, the success of an enterprise is not just measured by the profits it rakes annually. Instead, people want to understand the impact that the company made to the society. This is why Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC) has gone out of its way not just to give back to the community, but make it part its family. Here is a closer look at the company’s corporate social responsibility.

UMMC and Environmental Conservation

Many enterprises that were founded in the Soviet Union had low environmental standards. But UMMC has stood out for its focus on the environment. The management of the company works with experts to ensure that it progressively improves the environment. Here are the corporate social responsibility efforts for improving the environment.

  • Eliminating the accumulated pollutants.
  • Modernization of obsolete enterprises under UMMC.
  • Improving the environmental performance of different systems of the UMMC Company.
  • Restoring the environment in different areas, especially where UMMC activities are based.

In order to achieve the above targets, UMMC commits about three billion RUB every year towards environmental protection. This is why emissions from UMMC operations have gone down 3-fold in the last 10 years. To demonstrate its commitment to a better environment, UMMC is guided by the following laws and policies:

  1. ISO 14001.
  2. Russian environmental laws.
  3. The EU emissions policy.  

Partnerships to Strengthen the Communities  

For UMMC, the commitment to corporate social responsibility goes beyond compliance to laws of the land. The management believes that in this industry, enterprises should look at the communities as the primary custodians of the resources used for production. This is why it works with multiple stakeholders to support communities.

Notably, UMMC wants the community to feel part of its larger family. This is why the company has entered into social & economic cooperation and partnership with different entities such as the Russian Federation and administration of municipalities, especially in the regions where its operations are based.

The extent of such agreements aims at impacting the different areas of the society to help improve the communities. The annual budget for supporting community projects is in excess of one billion RUB. The main areas of assistance include:

  • Sports establishment.
  • Health.
  • Education.

Corporate social responsibility is seen by UMMC as an important component that helps to constantly grow the business. The community and its environment are part of the organization that the company focuses on improving.