All You Should Know About Goods And Services Tax Certificate

If you are not aware of this, GST was launched in 2017 to supplant the indirect taxes which were prevalent in the former taxation system. It is a unified indirect tax imposed on all taxable producers of products and services. So if you're a manufacturer of products and services, you will need to finish the GST registration procedure and collect the goods and services tax identification number (GSTIN) and the GST Certificate.

Registering For GST

If the business has a yearly revenue of rs. 40 Lakh, you will have to apply for GST. Even so, the criterion for the latter is Rs. 20 Lakh in special status states such as Himachal Pradesh along with the North-Eastern states. Apart from this, if you are a seller enrolled under the GST composition system, you will get off from paying GST because you have a revenue of rs. 1.5 CR or above.

Here is how you can track you GST application status

  • Firstly, sign in to the GST portal website, check for facilities, go to the enrollment area, and press on “track application status”.
  • Next, you will need to pick the alternative that says Application Reference Number (ARN) and type in the ARN you got on your verified phone or email address. Type in the captcha code shown and press the search bar to verify your GST submission.
  • when that is done, one of the mentioned statuses will be showcased-Provisional, Pending for Verification, Validation Against Error, Migrated, or Cancel.
  • Provisional means the temporary ID has been released. The application is not, however, registered. Currently awaiting approval means that the application for registration of the GST has been sent and hasn’t been accepted yet.

GST Certificate Format

  • There are three papers in the shape of the GST certificate REG-06. Sheet 1 provides you with important business information, such as the Goods and Services Tax Number (GSTIN), the form of GST enrollment, the period of validation, the company's statute, whenever the certificate was provided, the place of the corporation, and early.
  • On sheet 2, you can see Annexure-A, where you can locate details about the other divisions of the company, such as the trade name, the list of firms in the states involved, GSTIN, the lawful name, and so on.
  • Annex B is laid down in sheet 3 of the GST certificate, which provides critical information about the persons who operate the company in question. Definitions cover the executive team, the board of trustees, the owners, and the sole shareholder. Such entities must apply their photos as evidence of ID, name of a category, and company GST number.

Downloading GST Certificate

Here is you can download the GST certificate

  • Go to the official GST website and log into your account with the information you used for the GST registration.
  • Go to the 'Services' tab and choose the 'User Services' option. After this, go to download/view the certificate from the list of displayed options and select download.

As far as verification is concerned, please visit the GST website and look for a GST identification check and authentication tool option that you will find under the 'Search By Taxpayer' choice. Send the information of the GSTIN to the organization concerned to check its authenticity. Upon accessing the GSTIN, the GST database on the GST site should show the information you want.


A business whose turnover is above Rs. 20 lakh needs to enroll for GST. Likewise, some exceptional organizations are additionally required to enlist for GST. Each enrolled citizen is given a GST Registration Certificate in Form GST REG-06. On the off chance that you are an enlisted citizen, you can likewise download the certificate from the GST entrance. The enrollment certificate is accessible for download on the GST Portal. The legislature doesn't give any physical certificates. Hence, make sure you register you business under GST and acquire the GST certificate as soon as possible.