What To Do With Leftover Food After A Company Event

It’s quite easy to find Virginia catering companies that you can hire for your company event. However, even the most meticulous planner won’t be able to predict with 100% accuracy what will happen at the event itself. At the end of it, you might encounter lots of leftover food that you’ll have to deal with.

If that’s you, then you have a variety of things that you can do with the leftover food. Before we list the things that you can do with these foods, you have to make sure that the necessary steps have already been taken in properly storing the food.

Contact a homeless shelter

Never drop off the leftover food at a homeless shelter unannounced. Most shelters have strict policies that they have to follow. They might end up rejecting the food that you brought if you didn’t call beforehand. This can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the homeless who might’ve seen you drove in with the food containers. No parties will benefit from this happening.

Make sure that you inform the homeless shelter that you’ve chosen about the food that you have with you and how much you have. Work with the Virginia catering companies in informing the homeless shelter about consumption dates.

Bring it to the office

Some food and beverages might’ve been really popular at the company event. This will certainly have some employees looking for them come Monday. Take all of the edible food and store them at the cafeteria or lounge for the employees to eat.

Not only will this boost morale because it’s a reminder of the fun times that were had at the event, but it will also be a treat to everyone at the office that may not have been able to enjoy it. Either way, it’s a win-win for everyone, especially those that will consume the food.

Crowdsource through social media

Use your social network to your advantage. If there are any that might be interested in the leftovers prepared by the Virginia catering companies you hired, they’ll be able to request some to be packaged for them to pick up.

If there are any charitable events nearby or those that could benefit from getting more food, this is a chance for you to share. All of the parties will be able to accomplish their goals.

Give employees to-go food

Something that you can immediately do after the company event is giving those who attended the excess food that you served. This way, they’ll be able to go for round 2 or share the food that they enjoyed at the event to everyone at their home.

This is the best approach, especially for time-sensitive food that may no longer be edible when the day has passed. Doing this can also reduce the need for additional means of storing the food which might increase spending due to the additional space and containers after the company event is already finished.

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