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5 Sources to Look for Dropshipping Wholesalers

Running a successful dropshipping business requires more than just finding the best products to dropship. You also need to know how you will acquire the products and who will be your suppliers. Luckily, there are several sources you can use to find quality and legitimate dropshipping wholesalers, which you can find below:

  1. Contact the Manufacturer Directly

One of the best ways of finding dropshipping wholesalers is by starting at the source of their products. These are the manufacturers, who can also point out to their trusted wholesale distributors. For branded items, you can easily go directly to the manufacturer for the contacts of their wholesalers. You may also try finding the lowest prices if you meet the manufacturer’s minimum order requirements.

  1. Conduct a Google Search

One of the easiest ways of finding wholesalers for your dropshipping business is by conducting a search on Google. Preliminary research of the wholesalers for the products you are willing to sell will point you to something related to this. As you get deeper into the research and use more specific terms, you will find specific and specialized manufacturers. A simple way to start on this is to use the terms “distributor” or “wholesale” alongside your products or business niche. You can also try model numbers or names for your product, as well as brand names. Check out the search results and look for their phone number of email addresses you can contact to get more info about their business.

  1. Join Industry Forums and Groups

Since most retailers are not willing to share their supplier information with competitors, getting such information from a place where suppliers in the industry interact freely can be effective. This will require you to have some networking skills and ways of reaching out to wholesale suppliers in your niche. Take time to build relationships with industry insiders to become one of them. To do this, youshould try building your LinkedIn profile, participating in online forums, and subscribing to industry newsletters.

  1. Utilize Major B2B Marketplaces

B2B marketplaces are useful platforms for finding wholesalers in any niche. You can look for wholesale on eBay among people who sell in bulk quantities. Although this option may not be suitable for low volume retailers, it can be a good way to start you off. Other marketplaces that may prove to be useful include Alibaba (China), Buyer Zone (USA), Global Sources (USA), Busy Trade (Hong Kong), EC Plaza (Korea), and EC21 (Korea).

  1. Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows remain to be an effective way of connecting buyers to other buyers. You can easily build and grow your dropshipping business by attending relevant trade shows in your niche. Most of these events are organized for retailers, but are attended by both wholesale distributors and manufacturers. The good thing with trade shows is that they avoid all the noise of inaccurate online information. To get you started in which trade shows to attend, try out the largest trade shows directory: The Trade Show News Network. The directory on their site allows you to search and filter trade shows based on date, industry, state, event name, and more.