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Suffering from PTSD?

Following traumatic events, it is very common to have at the very least some minor symptoms of PTSD. If you have served in the military, then you are at an even more considerable risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. After finishing time in the military, many soldiers just want to focus on spending time with their family. However, PTSD compensation can help to pay for the support and counselling that may be needed to offset any symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

What is PTSD? 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that is the result of experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. This can include a number of different things, but examples of extremely traumatic instances that have been known to trigger it include: 

  • A natural disaster 
  • A serious accident 
  • A terrorist attack
  • A rape or violent personal assault 
  • Experiences whilst carrying out military service 

This list is not exhaustive, and it is often the case that any situation that a person finds extremely traumatic can cause them to suffer from the condition. 

What are the symptoms? 

When someone is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, they often experience instances in which they have flashbacks, and relive the traumatic event through nightmares. Emotionally, they may also find that they experience feelings of anger, isolation, and guilt. On a day to day basis, sufferers may also find that they find it difficult to sleep and have difficulty concentrating on tasks.   

How is PTSD treated? 

Even if it has occurred a number of years after the original event, PTSD can be successfully treated. There are a number of different treatments that may be used. These include: 

  • Careful monitoring of the symptoms, and discussion about them with a professional 
  • Antidepressants – paroxetine or mirtazapine may be prescribed 
  • Trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)  

PTSD and military service 

The unusual level of trauma that those serving in the armed forces are expected to deal with means that a vast number of those returning from service are at risk of suffering from PTSD. In some cases, servicemen who have suffered from a military accident are likely to also have accompanying mental symptoms that they may not consider alongside the physical impact of their injury. It is important not to ignore these mental symptoms and to seek treatment if you suspect that you may be suffering. 

Army Injury Claims 

There are a number of different injuries that can lead to an army injury claim. These include: 

  • Training accidents
  • Combat accidents 
  • Hearing loss 
  • Sports-related injuries 
  • Road traffic accidents while serving 
  • Chemical or fire-related incidents and exposure to harmful substances 
  • Unexpected amputations 
  • Non-freezing cold injuries 
  • Criminal injuries 

If you have suffered any of these injuries, then you are likely entitled to claim compensation. Your claim will include consideration of both the physical elements of your injury, as well as the mental implications of it. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder is very common, but not always discussed – especially in those who have served in the military. With raised awareness, hopefully those who are in need of emotional support will be able to receive it and get their lives back on track.