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Tips to make Social Distancing Successful

In the wake of the Corona Virus crisis, it has become the need of the hour to take unprecedented measures of social distancing. The governments across the world have been advocating for the same too. We must take all the measures to adhere to the WHO guidelines, which recommend maintaining a 6 feet distance from the suspected patients, and from more or less, to protect yourself as well as people around you.

Here we have listed five important tips that you should follow to avoid unnecessary commuting to public places and minimize the risk of attaining or spreading infection:

1. Avoid going to supermarkets:

It is best that you self-quarantine yourself and avoids going to supermarkets to stock up essentials. Rather the best solution to this would be to either opt for online delivery systems or visit the local shops to buy things of regular need.

2. Use Digital Payments:

Digital payments are the best example of practicing social distancing because it will help you minimize any kind of physical contact at the public shops. Some ways of digital payment services that you could use are online wallets such as Airtel money wallet or even UPI transaction apps like Bhim by NPCI.

3. Pay electricity bills online:

Most state governments in India have upgraded their websites’ interface to make it convenient to pay bills while you are staying back at home using various apps such as Airtel Thanks or Paytm. For instance, to pay electricity bill online, you can register to the secure and reliable Airtel Thanks app, select the bills icon and proceed with your bill payment, hence, avoiding the queue and crowded powerhouse office.

4. Best to dine in your dining room: 

It is highly recommended that you avoid gathering at the restaurants. Even though there’s little evidence that Covid19 becomes contagious through cooked food, but there is ample proof that people should practice self-quarantine at the moment. You may also use this time to spend time learning and enjoying your cooking skills.

5. Avoid Travelling:

Amidst the panic, a lot of people have been stranded away from their families. Though, it is difficult to be away from your loved ones in such difficult times. This is the time when most people returning to their hometowns via public transport are vulnerable. There are high chances that the administration might intervene at any moment to prevent any blunders from happening.

These are times of introspection and adapting new hobbies while we face the essential lockdown. Amidst the nationwide lockdown, the essential service delivery is still going on tirelessly in many areas such as the selfless staff at hospitals, customs, and power sectors. We can be part of the movement by helping them stay in a safe environment. We can do our deeds by staying in, paying our electricity bills, etc through online mediums and keeping calm, all this while.