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Benefits of Starting A Business In Indonesia

Indonesia is a well-known country for manufacturing hubs. The country has an abundance of raw materials, labour and is rich in different minerals. Also, Indonesia is one of the figureheads in agricultural sectors and various other sectors, such as construction and education, are growing rapidly. This benefits all the business people for starting a company in Indonesia in many ways.

Strategic Geography

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country and has 17,508 islands. It has the fourth-largest population in the world. Similarly, Australia, Papua Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines are the neighbouring countries of Indonesia. Indonesia is also a member of ASEAN, and it’s easy to trade with these countries. Even it has minimal or free trade agreements with many countries. Indonesia stands fifth to have the longest waterways in the world. All of these reasons make it favourable for incorporating Indonesia.

Owning A Land By Foreign Business Person

You; as a foreigner, can own land legally in Indonesia, especially for three motives. They are either to build also called Hak Guna Bangunan, to use also called Hak Pakai or to cultivate also called Hak Guna Usaha.

Hak Pakai permits foreign investors to buy real estates or apartments in Indonesia. This way you can be a temporary or permanent resident of the country. However, Hak Pakai can be obtained only by entrepreneurs with valid work, having KITAS (stay permit) or owning a local or foreign company.


There are numerous languages spoken in Indonesia (more than 700) among which the major one is English. It benefits you for not having to learn local languages, and you don’t need to pay for the translator. In contrast to these, you should get acquainted with the business culture in Indonesia. It helps to promote your business and benefits in several ways.

Also, Indonesia has excellent prospects for tourism, different kinds of business, huge population, plenty of natural resources, government support, and low cost for a startup. 3E Accounting Indonesia supports you to utilize the maximum of these benefits to incorporate the company you desire for.