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Best Way To Maximise Your Warehouse Space!

If you’re in a position where you want to make the most out of a warehouse space but you’re bogged down with clutter and unnecessary material, it’s time to plan an attack. Much in the same way a battle commander would never walk into war without a course of action to take, we would never de-clutter a space without devising a cohesive list of tasks to follow. If you’re ready and committed to transforming the space you have available, you’ll want to explore the ideas listed below.

The first step to freeing up much-needed warehouse space is going through containers and boxes to see what’s in them. If you’re anything like the average person, you have dozens of storage devices that are filled to the brim with unknown materials. Our first step is to go through every one of these devices and sort them into two categories: things that go and things that stay.

The first pile — things that go — are items that no longer serve a purpose. Rather these are leftover items from a former client or building materials that you haven’t touched in years, they have to be thrown out! Our first thought maybe something like the following: “hey, I know I haven’t touched this in years, but it still serves a purpose!” The rule of thumb is if you haven’t used a stored item in that last two or three years, you’re never going to use it.

Instead, we can donate these items or sell them to the general public for a small profit. Either way, these items are cluttering the storage space and causing more anxiety than we realize. In fact, recent statistics show that storage space is being used now more than ever. Statistics reveal that the amount of storage space being allocated for citizens to store their items has tripled since 2015!

Once we’ve designated which items we need to get rid of, we need to further analyze what we’ve deemed worthy of staying in our storage space. Ask yourself the following questions before holding onto certain items:

  • Does this item draw in monetary or emotional value?
  • Do you foresee yourself using this item in the following weeks and months?
  • Was this item an impulsive purchase?
  • Does this item belong to a client or employee?
  • How much space does this item take up?
  • If you decided to sell or get rid of this item, would you be able to gain a profit?

Each of these questions will allow you to further analyze the value of the item in question. Most of us hold onto these items because we’ve grown emotionally attached to them in some way, but advanced warehouse structures is one such who knows the value of having space. This could be old books from our childhood, comics that hold no value, baseball cards that are damaged and torn and so forth. By critically analyzing each of your storage items, we can ensure that space is used for optimal reasons in the future.

Once you’ve cleaned your storage facility and properly separated your items, you will have moved one step further to become an organized individual. All of these tasks, although laborious and somewhat uncomfortable, build the mental-muscle of becoming tidy and organized moving into the future. New data perfectly illustrates that people who are clean and free of clutter have an easier time focusing, being productive, taking on critical tasks and engaging with the people around them much easier!