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Bizcaps PIF Manager – Secure Web-Based Portal For Securing Data

With the introduction of the Product Information Form (PIF™) by The Australian Food and Grocery Council’s (AFGC), all the food companies in Australia, as well as New Zealand, have been providing information about the food products as well as ingredients. All the information would be entered in the single documents suitable for legal as well as regulatory compliance. In the olden days, Food industries have been using the Excel-based form for the PIF. This would streamline the complete aspects of the recording, sharing as well as reporting of the product information. Bizcaps PIF Manager is one of the most amazing web-based portal offering a wide number of features for the customers.

Unique Pricing Plan:

Bizcaps PIF Manager is the all in one destination for easily managing, searching, and finding all PIFs in a single place. It is much easier to access the data instantly from anywhere across the world. This is considered as the most unique option for saving more time to the extent. Bizcaps PIF Manager allows easily storing and setting up the PIFs with the suppliers and customers.  The PIF Manager also enabled the pricing plan which is much more affordable in all aspects. This is completely based on the better way of using the PIFs for the business. You can easily avail the discount for the larger volumes of the PIFs. This process does not involve any kind of hidden charges or gimmicks.

Access All The Products:

In the modern-day, the Bizcaps PIF Manager is considered as the first licensed online PIF portal solution. The Bizcaps PIF Manager is especially incorporated with the AFGC’s Electronic Food Data System. This platform is a much more suitable option for food suppliers as well as a wide range of customers across the country. Whether you are a business or an individual, you can easily use this platform for accessing all the products in a single sheet. Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) created the standard format for easily exchanging the information on the technical food industry. You can Visit Website for availing of the Bizcaps PIF Manager portal.

Better Support For Your System:

Bizcaps is an Australian-owned company specially licensed for providing the V6 PIF portal. Bizcaps also offers better support for your system and gives you much better access to all information instantly. Bizcaps PIF Manager is the most amazing tool for easily allowing

  • Easy to access portal for all PIFs
  • Search by any attribute
  • Freedom from manual processing
  • Streamlined compliance
  • Fully protected with version control
  • Local support from Australian-owned company
  • Publish PDF
  • Track Supplier Status
  • Reminds the Supplier of PIFs
  • Send Requests to Suppliers
  • The supplier can load PIF data and Documents

New User Interface:

The Product Information Form (PIF) V6 is mainly available for the Supplier, also called the Distributors for easily loading the information. This platform allows us to easily provide the XML or PDF format for the customers. The Bizcaps PIF Manager is the ultimate platform making your job quite easier. You can easily align the complete data in a single form and it could be extensively accessed anytime. Bizcaps PIF Manager is suitable for satisfying the needs of the customer, manufacturer, Supplier, or Distributor by providing the relevant information. It is also a much easier option for changing the configuration based on the needs. Unique designs mainly assure with simple to access all the information or data.  It is enabled with the new User Interface for giving the user a better experience.