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BTC Trading Inc Review: XRP will Eclipse Bitcoin

Bitcoin started in 2009 and considered an alternative to any traditional government-issued cash or money. In recent years, Bitcoin gained popularity as one of the essential cryptocurrencies ever made. Bitcoin can be sent from one user to another on a peer-to-peer bitcoin network that does not need intermediaries. Like other cryptocurrencies, you can acquire it by mining or trading.

Ripple, on the other hand, is considered one of the many prominent altcoins today. An altcoin is a term for a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. RippleNet aims to connect the banks all over the world to create seamless transactions all over the world. It’s planning to topple Bitcoin’s speed and use in the long run.

Companies like BTC Trading Inc review that at the rate that Bitcoin is going, Ripple Lab’s XRP could eventually eclipse Bitcoin. In this article, we’ll talk about why XRP may grow bigger than BItcoin in the future.

SBI Holdings and Ripple Labs. Inc

According to Yoshitaka Kitao, the head of SBI Holdings, the Ripple company, and their XRP token would create a revolution for the market of cryptocurrency. This news was also reported by ZyCrypto, citing its Jap publication, Coinpost. Experts in BTC Trading Inc review this partnership as a powerhouse step in blockchain technology.

Kitao announced that the Japanese conglomerate would keep supporting San Francisco-based startups. He said that they would do their best to promote the practical use and massive adoption of XRP as a virtual currency. They are also interested in providing tools for traditional investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies.

To fully understand what these companies have to offer, these are the credentials of SBI Holdings and Ripple Labs. Inc respectively:

SBI Holding, also known as Strategic Business Innovator Group, is a renowned final services group of companies that was formed and based in Tokyo, Japan. Their group’s companies and businesses are at SBI Holdings. 

Ripple Labs, Inc, on the other hand, was formed in the USA. Ripple is an American tech company that develops the exchange network and payment protocol of Ripple. They were initially named Opencoin back in 2012 but technically renamed as Ripple Labs in 2015. You can find Ripple in San Francisco.

XRP will become no.1

The head of SBI also expressed the opinion in which XRP will eventually exceed the Bitcoin market capitalization. He stressed out that essentially, Bitcoin has no value. Its current prices have increasingly created complications on its practical use.

With that said, Yoshitaka Kitao believes that then XRP is more likely to become the No. 1 cryptocurrency. He also vowed that they are committed to making it happen. 


Professionals at BTC Trading Inc review that XRP is the future, and it will become even more prominent in the coming years. Traders have been investing in cryptocurrency for decades in the hopes of someday, turning it into cash. It’s important to note that there are also fraud cryptocurrencies circulating the internet. Because of that, you must be mindful of the legitimacy of your source before you start investing.