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Here is how technology has influenced farming today

Today farmers are benefiting a lot from technology. It has made farming processes like cultivating, seed planting & maintenance easier. In the last few decades, farms have evolved more fruitful & crop-yielding. As we advanced with time, farmers were able to learn and tap on a few raw attributes with respect to agriculture. Here are a few farming benefits that technology has brought us today.

Farmers’ apps: Today we have got an end number of sources that provide supporting guidance to farmers. One of the best sources is a farming app. They not only provide weather updates but also have a digital mandi platform or digital farmers’ market. Hence this aids the shopping and trading process for farmers today. Apps today serve as a major backbone in getting live updates and news about farming and its market.

Crop genetics: Earlier in the day farmers did trial and error methods, to come to a conclusion as to which crop suits their soil and piece of land. Today to back up this a/b testing, there is research being done to get a deeper understanding of which crop sits best on which soil. Today, agriculture also known as khetiwadi in India has bloomed as a major industry. Scientific research and development bring about predictions as well, as how the crop needs to be treated, what pests could decay them, and the best-suited fertilizers to offer.

Labour and electronics: With technological advancement, there is a major revamp on acres of farms. Today farming can be a one-man business. With advancements in farming equipment, there are tools like tractors, harvesters, pumpers, cultivators & manure spreaders that do distinctively the farming affairs at a large scale and in a short span of time. Now there are GPS tractors, farmers don’t manually have to drive their tractors. Set the location and go about your business. There are multiple options of farming technologies to choose from, on a digital mandi platform.

Advancement of khetiwadi: Earlier agricultural aspects were lesser and limited. They involved understanding crops & soil and the cattle market. But today agriculture is a bigger industry than the basic attributes above mentioned. Agriculture now has a huge spectrum of soil understanding, weather updates, pests, and fertilizers. It also includes the study on cattle breeding and development. Today you have tools like a kheti app that engages a farmer and consumer with an easy understanding of farming and agriculture.

Undoubtedly, technology has significantly changed the way farming looked. Simpler activities like planting the seeds to complicated activities like purchasing the farming tools had a major reconditioning than the earlier farming days. Smart farming came with the potential of providing the peak quality produce and crops. It has become an easier and intriguing process for farmers. As more technology advances, the smarter and time-efficient farming becomes. Digital platforms like a kheti app, farmer blogs & podcasts are engaging not only for the older generation but also budding entrepreneurs of the new age.