Keeping Your Employees Spirits High During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic has struck, and it has affected your business. What's happened has already happened, you can't change it now. 

The government recently announced that they plan on Reopening Hong Kong economy soon. They will be starting to promote Hong Kong as an investors hub soon, giving us a clue that the economy will now be moving forward, despite there still being risks of the virus. 

Now, one challenge that companies will have to fulfil is to keep their employees happy. People have been panicking, and the financial problems haven't made it any easier. However, there still are some things you can do to help your employees maintain their confidence and desire to work with you.

First, Let Everyone Work from Home

Everyone is aware that the coronavirus threat is far from over. So, even if a company decides to call its employees to work, the workers may feel uncomfortable and rightly, unsafe to do so.

If the work doesn't demand an employee's physical presence, calling them is just not unpractical, but also risky. Some workers may even end up hating you because it somehow gives a vibe that the company doesn't care about their well-being.

Thus, now is also the time for you to make great use of technology and your virtual office space.

Healthy Work Space 

Your employees' mind and body both should feel safe when they are in the office. This means you should talk to them with the same respect as you used to do before, and make sure that your words don't reflect the frustration that you may have in your mind.

Safety measures in the office like temperature screenings, social distancing, staggered and modified schedules, soaps and sanitizers, etc. are also going to help improve your employee's confidence.

Retrenchment is the Last Resort

Layoffs and redundancy are occurring a lot in Hong Kong, mostly in companies that are losing a lot, and not making much during the pandemic. The good news is that a Hong Kong Government Aid for Business was announced recently. This package will help employers pay their workers.

Additionally, the government has listed 16 sectors that have been the most affected during the pandemic and will be tailoring some special schemes for them.