Most Frequently asked questions on over 50 life insurance

Q: What is an Over 50 Life insurance in actual?

A: It is a lifetime in actual means till living insurance cover, where after your demise you provide our loved ones a source of financial assistance in all of their needs

Q: What is the time limit or eligibility criteria?

A: Any residents of the United Kingdom having valid citizenship document & aged above 50 below 80 are eligible to enroll himself/herself in the policy. As per the confirmation from the insurance company, onboarding is guaranteed.  

Q: What are the limits of the cover that can be availed?

A: The covers are majorly dependent on the age of the enrollment. For an induvial aged between 50 → 69, a maximum cover of ten thousand pounds can be availed. The rest decreases with the increase in age. The higher the age, the lower is the sum insured. 

Q: What kind of mishaps are covered in this insurance?

A: Post acclimatization period, an induvial can avail a cover of the entire sum assured on the natural death of the insured person. In case of accidental death or abnormal mishap, benefits up to 2X can be availed by an insured person. 

Q: If the acclimatization period is not over, you are covered only for accidental demise. 

A: In case it is found that you are not 50 on the date of the purchasing the policy, you are not covered under any circumstances.

Q: Can it be purchased jointly or in a group?

A: The available option says it can be clubbed for two induvial were under a single policy, 2 different induvial agings above 50 can be covered for their life. But the annual premium will vary in such circumstances depending on the sum assured. If you have further queries on this or if you require a quotation for two, you can call our award-winning councilors on the given no on our website. For more visit us at best term life insurance for diabetics

Q: What will be my monthly or annual premium?

A: The monthly or annual premium depends on several factors like the sum insured, the age at which the policy is generated, whether the cover for the induvial is fixed or compounding, health conditions of the insured person, lifestyle habits of the induvial, etc. 

Q: What will be the impact of inflation on my policy?

A: Yes, inflation is everywhere and its dark impact on your policy is also the same. So, if you chose to avoid that, we have an option to increase your sum assured by an increasing rate of 3% on compounding to counter the inflation. But that would increase your monthly premium by 4.5 %