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Three Steps To Discover The Deep Web In A Completely Anonymous Way

The deep web is a pretty interesting option for those who want privacy. Everything you do over the Internet leaves a trace, no matter how careful you are. From tailored ads based on your search engines to things you have done online, nothing is really private on the standard World Wide Web.

This is when the deep web kicks in. It is more comprehensive than the standard web (90% for the deep web and 10% for the standard web) and allows access to things that you would never be able to find normally. But then, how can you get there?

Use the Tor browser

There are a few different browsers out there and all of them are anonymous. However, when it comes to a good reputation, Tor stands out in the crowd. It is available for free and it ensures your identity will not be disclosed to the websites you visit.

Know what you are after

The deep web is not like the standard web. It is difficult to find someone when you have no idea where it is. Search engines do not work on the same principles, so you cannot use Google or other websites. You simply need to know the name of the website you want to access.

There are, indeed, a few Tor compatible search engines, but generally speaking, you will need to know precisely where you want to go. The Hidden Wiki makes a pretty good starting point, as the directory brings in a plethora of websites for those new to the deep web

There is no need to be worried when you find funny web addresses. They are all impossible to read and they carry the .onion extension. You will basically find an amalgam of letters and numbers ending with .onion.

Use a reliable VPN

While Tor is considered to be safe and has a good reputation, extra protection has never hurt anyone. Combining Tor with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will make you fully anonymous. There will be no reasons to be concerned about anything whatsoever.

There are more options when it comes to such networks. Choose a reliable one with good download and upload speeds. Get a few reviews about different VPNs before making a final decision. While the VPN is not mandatory, most experts recommend using one while on Tor – it is just a matter of personal safety.

As a short final conclusion, the deep web will open up a brand new world for you. If you think the Internet is comprehensive and you can find anything, keep in mind that you are only using 10% of it. This is what the standard web is about. Get on the deep web and you will reveal 100% of it.​