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Think carefully before choosing and signing at the first financial advisor come. Because the first coming or closest to you is not necessarily the best. With the universal asset management tokyo you can actually have the best deal now.

So why choose a wealth management advisor and how to choose it?

Which financial advisor to choose to manage and optimize your wealth?
Bank advisor?
Wealth Management Advisor (CGP)?
Private bank?
Tax lawyer?
Who will serve you best?
What if it was not just yourself?

Through this article, we present 5 profiles of clients, corresponding to different levels of heritage. For each wealth profile, we show you how you can benefit from a wealth management advisor. In many situations, the wealth management advisor is essential in order to optimize and avoid management errors that can have serious consequences in terms of performance, taxation or transmission. In case of universal asset management this is important now.

The assets of wealth management advisors.
Heritage less than 200 k €: “sir and madam everyone”.
Assets between € 200k and € 1m: well-off clientele, known as “patrimonial”.
Heritage between € 1m and € 10m: rich clientele, known as HNWI
Heritage between € 10m and € 100m: very rich clientele, known as UHNWI
Heritage over € 100 million: the 500 largest French fortunes.

By dint of work and savings, or by inheritance, you have amassed a tidy sum: 30 k €, 100 k €, 1 M € or more? You have a significant saving capacity (and / or borrowing) and are looking for the best levers to build your wealth? You may feel overwhelmed and wonder if you need the advice of a professional to put that money. Apply for your pmp certification in bangalore now to know more.

The assets of wealth management advisors

An adviser in wealth management (CGP) will be valuable in many circumstances, such as preparation of the estate, expatriation, a change in personal or financial situation, or just to put everything flat.

Why consult a wealth management advisor?

Wealth Management Advisors (WMCs) are used to defining themselves as family physicians of the family patrimony. Indeed, the CGP establishes a relationship of trust, so the client confides and exposes his personal life, professional and his projects. Then the CGP establishes a patrimonial diagnosis, gives recommendations and advice and ensures long-term follow-up. At least that’s what a good CGP does.

Support can be trans-generational and can aim to optimize family succession. It is first of all about developing your wealth according to your personal situation, by using the right levers (savings capacity and borrowing capacity).

Among other things, Wealth Management Advisors include:

Analysis and advice on the legal, tax and financial organization of your assets. Implementation of an action plan via a letter of mission if you accept the advice provided (tailor-made asset allocation, tax optimization, delegated management, etc.). For example, this may involve mounting a real estate investment with performance optimization by opting for the best tax regime in your situation. Get your pmp certification today to know more.