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Varieties of self-storage units

Self-storage units are the most convenient storage solution available. Not only do you have a place to keep your things, but you can put them in their yourself and remove them whenever you want. You’re allowed to come and go as you please – provided you arrive within working hours. 

Before you pay for a storage unit, it makes sense to understand the different types of self-storage units available. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the various options at your disposal:

Self-storage drawers

These are the smallest type of self-storage unit and are often used for one or two valuable items. Here, you have a small space to keep things like jewellery or paper documents/files in. They’re also useful if you have memory cards, USB sticks, or computer hard drives that need to be securely stored away. 

If your storage needs are minimal, then this is the best type of self-storage unit for you. It means you don’t have to overpay for space that you don’t need. 

Self-storage lockers

Next up, we have self-storage lockers. This type of storage unit is bigger than the drawers, but still relatively small. Again, it’s typically best for people who don’t have many things to store. Think about an old school locker; what would you fit in there? There’s enough room for essential folders, family photos, and the odd object or two. 

This particular type of unit is popular amongst business customers who want a convenient place to store documents. With a locker, you keep it all locked away, and you have enough space to put multiple folders inside. 

Self-storage rooms

This is probably what most people think of when they hear people talking about storage units in Wimbledon. Essentially, this is a room where you can store lots of different things. Self-storage rooms vary in size as well – you can get ones that will maybe fit a couple of items of furniture in, then others that could fit the contents of a large house. It all depends on the amount of storage required by the person renting it. 

The thing that makes this storage unit different from the other two is that you can walk around inside it. The ceilings are around 7ft high, so you have room to roam and arrange your storage items. This also gives you more freedom to use the unit for various purposes. As well as storing boxes or furniture in there, you could even store equipment, machinery, and much more. Plus, the larger storage units can be used for things alongside storage too. Some people rent out these self-storage rooms to turn them into purpose-built workspaces. For example, they can be used as a little DIY man cave where you can build things for your home. 

Primarily, these are the main self-storage units available for you to use. Of course, within each category, you have different sizes. Our advice is to think about why you need a storage unit, then choose an option that suits your needs the best. As a result, you’ll only pay for space that you’ll actually use!