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What Are Tent Accessories?

The accessories for tents are the attachments that help to satisfy the benefits (aesthetic or functional) of the same before the diverse demands of the clients. The type of accessory or complement that the tent may entail depends on the use for which it is intended. Let’s see some of the most requested.

What Are The Most Requested Accessories For Tents?

  1. Air conditioning

During the months of excessive heat or cold, it is very common to meet clients who demand the installation of climatic equipment, not only over the tent, but also request it for large spaces such as industrial buildings, factories and covered places for events that require conditioning. Climatic.

The necessary equipment will be calculated based on the volume of the tent and the social magnitude of the event. Commercial tent manufacturers can satisfy this service without subcontracting.

  1. Soil/Platform

The tent as a structure tends to be anchored to the ground or solid ground, so the ground that can be walked on the inside is the same as the outside. All this implies that in the event of rain, water can seep into it, which in principle should not be a big problem unless it is an important event. Having a platform floor (leveling) can not only solve the problem of leaks, but it is also an aesthetic and attractive plus for the tent.

  1. Lighting

This is one of the essential accessories for marquees when a night event is going to be held. Some clients prefer to subcontract the lighting issue to other companies and others who contract it directly with us to make it cheaper for the whole tent with its accessories. The price of the lighting is based on the square meters of the tent.

  1. Decoration

Without a doubt, a well-decorated tent is an aesthetic plus for the event, whatever the celebration. The most relevant section is that of the side and ceiling curtains. The tents are covered externally with PVC tarpaulin. There is no doubt about the importance it acquires within the accessories for tents.

  1. Furniture

In this section, we will mainly include chairs, tables, stage, umbrellas. Catering companies usually take on the subcontract of all these elements. However, we can also supply an event with our furniture in stock in case you do not want to do it at through companies outside the contracting of the tent.