How much an hour is 30000 a year? How to manage your financial budget based on this salary?

Money saving is the most important factor which everyone should follow strictly to survive in this modern era. First you should learn to manage the money by calculating how much an hour is 30000 a year. More than being wealthy, it is important to have the managing power with the money you have. You should schedule the budget for every month, so that it will be easy for you to survive the days without money scarcity. The most important expenditure that everyone will have each month is listed below:

  • Expenditure on housing
  • Expenditure on transportation
  • Expenditure on food
  • Expenditure on clothing

Expenditure on housing – You should rent a house which suits your salary. If your house rent is more costly, then it will be tough for you to spend money on other necessary expenditures. This is the main part you should concentrate over the monthly expenditure.

Expenditure on transportation – Transportation has become the second biggest expenditure that every person has to spend to run a family. Even if you own a vehicle, the expenditure for the petrol will come equally to the housing expenditure because everyone has to move from one place to other either to the school or to the office. You should stop updating your car every year which is an unwanted expenditure. Use it as long as it stays without getting into a repair. When possible, cycling or walking will help you to save money on transportation.

Expenditure on food – Food is a common budget schedule for all the family. Based on the number of heads in a family, the expenditure on food gets varied. In this case you can avoid taking food outside or in the restaurants. Choose a cheaper grocery store so that this will reduce and helps you to save money. Use the fridge and stop the leftovers and get them into the freezers.

 Expenditure on clothing – In this type, you can avoid going for high cost dresses and purchasing clothes more often. When it is necessary of buying clothes, then you can go for the shops with discounts or non-branded shops where the prices of the clothes will be cheaper.

When you start planning for your expenditure every month, then automatically the money will be saved in your account. But you can’t cut the basic expenditures which are needed to spend a basic life; you can reduce the unwanted expenditures. Also when you feel that your salary is not sufficient to run your family, you can focus over the earnings by doing some other businesses. Remember that planning your financial expenditure is as important as taking care of your own health. Because if you have no money left then, it is tough for you to manage your emergency situation. So if you are earning 30000 per year, you should calculate how much an hour is 30000 a year and should spend according to that.