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Universal Asset Management Review of Why Robert Kiyosaki Buys Gold and Silver

Why do Americans settle on monthly paychecks, and students owe thousands of dollars on loans? Many people teach how to get wealthy but are not rich themselves. Money is a valuable resource in the world today, and one of the best ways to make money is by having investments, especially property ownerships.

There are a variety of methods to attain income for the future. Firms like Universal Asset Management review people like Robert Kiyosaki and seek their investment advice. Kiyosaki talks about buying gold and silver as part of the real wealth to secure your financial future. You don’t need to worry about depreciation.

Here are the insights they have learned on Kiyosaki’s investments:

Gold and Silver Value

In 1944, the US dollar was as good as gold, and central banks held US dollars instead of gold. However, in 1971, wherein President Nixon took the dollar off the gold and US dollar bills were printed, which Robert Kiyosaki says fake, like mutual funds and assets that will toast once the economy crashed again. 

Kevin DeMeritt, the founder of a financial company, discusses how gold and silver historically performed and affect investment strategies. According to Kevin, Russia, and China is collecting gold while US prints bills. At some point, paper money becomes worthless, and those who have gold and silver gain power and control.

If a person is holding paper money, then it’s like saving but getting broke because of devaluation. Having properties is one way to preserve your wealth, as what Universal Asset Management Review also tackles. With innovations like cryptocurrency, fiat currencies will eventually lose value, so it’s better to invest in lasting items like gold and silver.

Gold and Silver Demand

People don’t understand the importance of gold and silver nowadays, so physical gold is not in demand among general consumers. However, with education, people will eventually appreciate physical gold and silver because these are bare assets. While it’s true that many factors manipulate the prices of gold and silver, they always go back to a higher price point. 

According to Kevin DeMeritt, the amount of physical gold and silver is decreasing, and seemingly Russia and China are storing and not trading gold, only paper money. That’s why keeping gold and silver are more real assets and more valuable than US dollar bills. 

While paper money can be affected by inflation, but the prices of gold and silver will never crash but continues to increase as time goes by. Gold and silver are real assets, unlike paper assets. All tangible assets will make you richer than just having bills. Unlike stock, which relies on company CEOs and financial managers, physical gold and silver remain a more valuable asset.

Final Thoughts 

Investing involves the ability to perceive the worth of assets in the future, as found in this Universal Asset Management review. Precious metals and real estate properties have values that are more exponential than currency and paper bills. Their prices increase over time, and they don’t devaluate as quickly as other investments.